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Calendário do IRS 2024

De 16 a 31 de março de 2024

Consultar no Portal das Finanças as despesas gerais e as despesas com direito à dedução do IVA que foram comunicadas à AT. Se existirem diferenças ou irregularidades, reclama e corrige durante esse período de tempo. Também tens até esta data para comunicar a entidade, a qual pretendes consignar o IRS, o IVA ou ambos.

De 1 de abril a 30 de junho de 2024

Entrega da declaração Modelo 3 de IRS no Portal das Finanças ou confirmação do IRS Automático.

Do dia 31 de julho de 2024

A Autoridade Tributária tem até este dia para enviar a nota de liquidação do IRS e reembolsar o que tem a receber do Estado.


Do dia 31 de agosto de 2024

Caso tenha de pagar o IRS ao Estado, deve fazê-lo até esta data.


Até 31 de dezembro de 2024

Pagamento do imposto adicional ao Estado (caso não o tenhas feito no regime normal)


Some of the questions asked by our clients…

It is likely. Self-employed workers, even with zero income, have to submit. The only ones who do not have to file a return are retirees or pensioners whose annual income is less than 6.000€.

  • Copy of the Identity Card/Citizen Card and the Tax Identification Number of all income holders;
  • Address, phone number and email address;
  • Declaration authorizing the submission of IRS, one per income holder;
  • All documentation of earned income;
  • All documentation of incurred expenses.
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • By mail, do not forget to send the IRS submission authorization statement as well as the chosen payment method;
  • At the office;
  • At a mutually agreed upon location.

Starting from 19,99€, but it depends on the complexity of your tax situation.

Unfortunately, most people only seek help after negative experiences in filing their IRS declaration. This happens because they are usually exploring areas they are unfamiliar with. These errors can result in hefty fines and failure to optimize tax deductions.

In addition to our company’s strictly rigorous policy, all our professionals working in the areas of Accounting and Taxation are properly certified. Therefore, subject to professional secrecy and the right to confidentiality of our clients.

It is important to emphasize that, even after the provision of any service or its termination, our clients’ data remains protected.

If you still have doubts, you can contact us by phone or email.

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